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Culture. Creativity. Connections. Vancouver isn’t just beautiful, it’s a place that cultivates talent, friendships, and relationships within the gaming industry. From the trails of Grouse Mountain to the nightlife of Granville Street, Vancouver is the perfect canvas for game development and the ideal location to take the next step in your career.

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Find Your Dream Job

Vancouver Film School alumni are leading the creative economy, bringing some of the most compelling and entertaining titles to life. Carve your own path, whether it’s launching your own indie start-up or taking on a role at a AAA developer. The choice is yours. You’re in good company.

Your Career In Only One Year

The intensive game design program at Vancouver Film School is structured to deliver the skills and talent you need in just one year. Learn from industry professionals, work with modernized tools, and develop projects that give you the direct production experience you need to become a game designer.

Make Great Connections For Your Future

At VFS, you get more than an education in game design, you get to be part of the VFS alumni family. You will showcase your final project to gaming industry professionals in our Pitch + Play events. You will build connections with VFS graduates in your class and beyond. The game design program will set you up for success.

Establish fundamental skills in game theory, pre-production techniques, and storytelling.



Build on your game design foundation and start to work effectively in teams. Create your own playable 2D game in Unity.



Shift from theory to practical work with direct production experience on detailed design documentation and front-end interfaces. Start your chosen specialization.



Expand your role with online multiplayer design. The core part of this term is dedicated to planning and designing a major team-based final project.



Create a video game. Conceive, plan, and execute a final project that delivers a rewarding interactive experience.



Engage with ongoing play-testing and complete your final project. Develop your presentation skills to unveil your game design portfolio to the industry.



Industry Night: Pitch + Play

Near the end of your year in the game design program, you will complete your final team-based project and pitch it to an invite-only audience of professional game designers and industry recruiters from 30 to 40 companies.

Alumni Success Stories

Vancouver Film School graduates are some of the most successful professionals in the video game industry. Take a moment to browse some of their amazing accomplishments and achievements.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Shadi Dadenji — Technical Designer

Mortal Kombat X

Melissa Borda — Associate Producer

Marvel Contest Of Champions

Waylon Snedker — Game Designer
Tim Molyneux — Game Designer

Thomas McLain — Game Designer
Shane O'Connor — Game Designer

Halo 5

20 Alumni

3D Animation & Visual Effects Sound Design for Visual Media Game Design

Company of Heroes 2

Andres Molina — Technical and Campaign Designer
Karl Buckley — Senior Surfacing Artist
Lance Mueller — Associate Designer
Maxwell Hannaman — Associate Designer

Gears of War

35 Alumni

3D Animation & Visual Effects Game Design
Foundation Visual Art & Design Sound Design for Visual Media Classical Animation

Sleeping Dogs

13 grads from Game Design worked on Sleeping Dogs.

Mass Effect Andromeda

22 Alumni

3D Animation & Visual Effects Game Design
Sound Design for Visual Media Classical Animation Foundation Visual Art & Design


9 Alumni

3D Animation & Visual Effects Game Design
Sound Design for Visual Media 

NHL 14

Ching-Chien (Jack) Lin — Software Engineer
Clayton Paakspuu — QA Tester

Dead Rising 4

23 Alumni

3D Animation & Visual Effects Acting for Film & Television Game Design
Sound Design for Visual Media Classical Animation

Animation Concept Art 

ModNation Racers

Brennan Massicotte — Artist
Chris Savory — Dev Support
Nick Letizia — Game Designer

Mass Effect 3

Corey Gaspur — Lead Gameplay Designer
Samuel Irwin — Cinematic Designer
Luc Labelle — Designer

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Billy Lind — Dev. Support
Brock Robin — Game Designer
Chris Savory — Dev. Support
Clinton Ma — Development Tester
Francois Chaput — Mission Designer
Joey Song — Development Tester

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Tyler Hitchings — Associate Writer
Samuel Irwin — Cinematic Designer

Need for Speed: World

Azlan Mustapha — Game Designer
Ted Carefoot — Project Manager

Mass Effect 2

Armando Troisi — Lead Cinematic Designer
Corey Gaspur — Gameplay/Systems Designer
Guilherme Ramos — Cinematic Designer
Kenneth Banadyga — QA Tester

Dead Rising 2

Adrian Audet — Assistant Producer
Boris Wong — Assistant Producer
Jeffrey Chang — QA

League of Legends

Jimmy Steorts — Associate Game Designer

Age of Empires: Age of Kings

Armando Troisi — Design Assistant
Chris Klein — Design Assistant
Ian Becking — Design Support

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Coding / Game Art / Level Design

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