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Culture. Creativity. Connections. The Vancouver area isn’t just beautiful, it’s a place that cultivates talent, friendships, and relationships within the film makeup industry. From the trails of Grouse Mountain to the nightlife of Granville Street to the work spaces of game, television, and motion picture projects, Vancouver is the place to take the next step in your career.

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With graduates from Vancouver Film School bringing some of the most compelling and entertaining stories, you’re in good company. Find your own journey, whether it’s working independently on projects you choose, or as part of a studio experience. The choice is yours.

Alumni Success Stories

Vancouver Film School grads are some of the most successful professionals in the film and television Makeup industry. Take a moment to browse some of their amazing accomplishments and achievements within the industry.

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The Makeup Design for Film + Television program is focused and intensive, structured to deliver the skills you need in just one short year. Vancouver Film School connects you with talented industry insiders as your instructors. You’ll work with the tools you’ll use in the real world, creating the experience you need to take the next step in your career. Learn techniques that have been refined on set around the world, from the experts and innovators who have helped to develop them.

Make Great Connections For Your Future 

An education at VFS is more than just the classes you take and the experience you earn: it’s the connections you’ll make with your current classmates and with the VFS alumni family. Learn from those in the industry, and connect with VFS grads just like you. They’re out there, doing the work, and they’ll want you right beside them.

BASICS, BEAUTY + BEYOND: Learn the fundamentals of beauty makeup while building a solid understanding of products, colour theory, and facial anatomy.



GLAMOUR + OUT-OF-KIT FX: Recreate classic decade looks and adapt them for contemporary application. Explore hair-styling, out-of-kit effects, and alternative glamour.



CHARACTER TECHNIQUES: Learn to define character through hair-laying, wig application, bald caps, advanced airbrushing, and age makeup.



3D MAKEUP TECHNIQUES: Pour yourself into life-casts, sculpting, and mold-making to create three-dimensional prosthetics.



ADVANCED CHARACTER CREATION: Fabricate full-head masks. Create, apply and paint foam latex appliances, and master ventilated hair pieces and human-hair lace-front wigs.



FINAL PROJECTS + PORTFOLIOS: Focus on your final portfolio project, and prepare for your career as a Makeup Artist by covering the fundamentals of résumé building and union standards.




The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Amy St. Jean — Makeup Artist
Frida Norrman — Special Makeup Effects Shop Technician
Michael Nickiforek — Prosthetics and Fake Body Fabrication

Underworld: Awakening

Andrea Dulmage — Special Effects Makeup Technician
Jonathan Berezan — Lab Technician
Karen Uhthoff Jimenez — Special Makeup Effects Artist

The Avengers

Jacquelyn Adamson — Makeup Artist


Frida Norrman — Special Make Up Effects Shop Technician
Michael Nickiforek — Silicone Prosthetics and Bodies Fabrication


Frida Norrman — Key Hair Stylist

Flowers in the Attic

Jennifer Kaminski — Assistant Makeup Artist

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Jacquelyn Adamson — Makeup Artist

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Frida Norrman — Special Make Up Effects Shop Technician
Michael Nickiforek — Animal Effects Fabrication

The Flash

Jennifer Kaminski — Second Assistant Makeup Artist

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