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Culture. Creativity. Connections. The Vancouver area isn’t just beautiful, it’s a place that cultivates talent, friendships, and relationships within the film, TV and games industry. From the trails of Grouse Mountain to the nightlife of Granville Street to the creative and collaborative writing spaces, Vancouver is the place to take the next step in your career.

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With graduates from Vancouver Film School bringing some of the most compelling and entertaining stories to life, you’re in good company. Find your own journey, whether it’s working independently on projects you choose, or as part of a studio experience. As a writer, you’re the one crafting the soul of the next great project. The choice is yours.

Alumni Success Stories

Vancouver Film School grads are some of the most successful professionals in the film, television and games industries. Take a moment to browse some of their amazing accomplishments and achievements within the industry.

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One Year

The Writing for Film, Television + Games program is effective and concise, taking you from an insightful beginner to a writer producing work for film and television in just one short year. Structured to deliver the skills you need, Vancouver Film School connects you with industry insiders as your instructors. You’ll work with the tools you’ll use in the real world, creating the experience you need to take the next step in your career.

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Great Connections
For Your Future

An education at VFS is more than just the film writing classes, scripts writing classes, and screenwriting course you take and the experience you earn: it’s the connections you’ll make with your current classmates and with the VFS alumni family. Learn from those in the industry, and connect with VFS grads just like you. They’re out there, doing the work, and they’ll want you right beside them.

Develop fundamental skills in visual storytelling, structure, character, format, and genre. Write and workshop your first portfolio piece with film writing for a short film script.



Commit to story and character development for your first feature screenplay. Develop your TV script writing skills with a spec script, hone your dialogue skills, and start work on a series of comedy sketches.



Demonstrate your skills in story, character, and dialogue through workshopping the first drafts of your feature and TV scripts.



Gain hands-on experience in producing low-budget projects. Specialize in film or TV writing, and begin work on your final project.



Broaden your skill set as a writer with electives that complement your chosen specialization. Electives include writing for comics, video games, and writing for commercials.



Complete drafts of your final projects and polish them through intense workshopping. Discover critical business skills to help prepare you for entering the industry.





Seth Lochhead - Writer

District 9

Terri Tatchell - Writer


Terri Tatchell - Writer

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Ryan Galletta - Writer


Gemma Holdway – Script Coordinator


Miguel Valdez Lopez – Writer

Some Assembly Required

Jennifer Siddle – Writer


Adam Zang – Writer


Julie Puckerin - Writer

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Ryan Galletta – Writer

Last Man Standing

Richard Brandon Manus – Writer

Arctic Air

Derek Thompson – Writer

Cedar Cove

Derek Thompson – Writer / Story Editor

When Calls the Heart

Derek Thompson – Writer

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